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What is Core Spun Yarn?

What is Core Spun Yarn?

Oct,09 2020

What does core spun yarn mean?

A yarn in which a base yarn is completely wrapped by a second yarn. Core spun, or “polycore”, yarn is created by twisting staple fibers around a central filament core, usually made of polyester for extra strength.

Core-spun yarn

Core-spun yarns are generally made of synthetic fiber filaments with good strength and elasticity as the core yarn, wrapped with short fibers such as cotton, wool, and viscose fibers by twisting together. The core-spun yarn has the excellent properties of filament core yarn and short-spun fiber.

The more common core-spun yarn is polyester-cotton core-spun yarn, which uses polyester filament as the core yarn and wraps cotton fiber. There is also spandex core-spun yarn, which is a yarn made of spandex filament as the core yarn and outsourcing other fibers. The knitted fabric or jeans material made of this core-spun yarn can stretch freely and fit comfortably when wearing. Its main purpose is to strengthen the cotton canvas and maintain the water repellency of the cotton fiber swelling when exposed to water, and use polyester to have stretch resistance, tear resistance and shrinkage resistance when it is damp in the rain. At this stage, the core-spun yarn has developed into many types, which can be summed up as: short fiber and short fiber core-spun yarn, chemical filament and short fiber core-spun yarn, chemical filament and chemical filament core-spun yarn.

At present, many core-spun yarns are generally composed of chemical fiber filaments as the core yarn and covered with various short fibers. The commonly used chemical fiber filaments for its core yarns include polyester filaments, nylon filaments, and spandex filaments. Outsourcing short fibers include cotton, polyester cotton, polyester, nylon, acrylic and wool fibers.

viscose spun yarn

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